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Topic: DQ 2

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  • Re: DQ 2

    @ Legion
    Concerning new/old abilities, I think it will be about 50/50. I'll have a better idea once I've written it! ;)

    @ RobinSure
    Hmm, that is a question I have sort of being dreading. The problem with people writing their own DQ materials is that a wave of new 'non-canon' items will be introduced into the mix. Whereas some people will be responsible with this, others might abuse the chance to create the 'perfect uber weapon' for their hero. This also raises issues with hero builds and balancing (and possibly pvp battles, if people go down that route). If some heroes are choosing to equip themselves with their own or someone else's creations then things get messy.

    I see the benefits and I see the drawbacks of fan-made content - certainly if it is unregulated. One solution to this (and it is one I have been thinking about lately) is to run a couple of competitions for a new act 2 quest and a new act 3 legendary monster. The winning entries would then be featured on the downloads page as 'official' DQ fan-made products. At least, in this way, fans feel like they can contribute to the site. (Winners would also get a full set of loot cards!)

    I'd be interested to hear other opinions on this!

  • Re: DQ 2

    Off course i would love to get more DQ adventures, leg. monsters and so on to read. But as the balancing of the game can very easily become really bad i will only use official "add ons". Therefore i think your (Da Boss) idea is great!
    The only "problem" is that i prefer to have a book with all the content instead of having a book and hundreds of A4 sheets with additional adventures. --> thats the reason why i even buy all the ols expensive books (like bloodsword, late lw and so on) instead of printing the pdf.

    Therefore i would really apreciate if in some month or whatever some kind of collectors edition with all additional content would come out - in this case i would buy the book a second time. The only question is if such a "second release" would be bought enough to finance the production cost.

    Anyway i would apreciate to get more OFFICIAL content in any way!

    best regards Bernd

    PS: Sorry for my bad english

  • Re: DQ 2

    Balancing would become a mess- i agree. I'd never read fan written material anyway even if it was well done. I don't think the story needs it or would benefit from anything more. there is four generals to look forward to so I am content with that and replaying what I've already got

  • Re: DQ 2

    Is there an estimated release date or title for DQ2? Thanks

  • Re: DQ 2

    I can't reveal the title yet. ;)

    The book will be out next year. I can't really be specific as to when - but I'm guessing around late summer. There will be lots of website updates and extra content before then, so don't worry!

  • Re: DQ 2

    I can't wait to find out the new careers!! And I agree with Bernd, i'd definitatly pick up a collecter's edition of the book if there was one

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