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Topic: DQ 2

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  • Re: DQ 2

    I can't reveal the title yet. ;)

    The book will be out next year. I can't really be specific as to when - but I'm guessing around late summer. There will be lots of website updates and extra content before then, so don't worry!

  • Re: DQ 2

    I can't wait to find out the new careers!! And I agree with Bernd, i'd definitatly pick up a collecter's edition of the book if there was one

  • Re: DQ 2

    Just to rekindle the thread a little...

    Given the success of the first book, I was wondering whether there is any chance of full page illustrations appearing in the second book? Would love to see some of the encounters or characters shown in visual form (even if that increases the price slightly).

    I see DQ2 will have co-op battles - for those of us without a real life co-op buddy, it would be great if your old character could emerge from retirement to help you out!!!

  • Re: DQ 2

    I was thinking this the other day (about full page illustrations.) That would really be cool. I used to love the artwork in the old fighting fantasy books. I suppose they were there becasue there was less description but I'd still think it would be good to have images of some of the monsters and encounters. The artwork for the maps and puzzles is awesome. More of that please!!

  • Re: DQ 2

    I'd love illustrations too! ;) The problem is that the books are very large, so adding in incidental art panels would increase the size. It also makes the layout a little more tricky for the typesetter - but that wouldn't be my problem! If it is a possibility then I'll certainly go for it!

    @Lonewolf Don't worry, you can team up your own heroes!

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