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Topic: Raiders of Dune Sea ability cards

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  • Raiders of Dune Sea ability cards

    Added a link to the downloads page for the full-colour ability cards for Raiders of Dune Sea - to help with managing abilities in combat.

  • Re: Raiders of Dune Sea ability cards

    This is really great! Will you do these for the first books? I also noticed the character sheet on there. What is the icon at the bottom for? Is it pet powers?

  • Re: Raiders of Dune Sea ability cards

    Yes, with the character sheet - when it was designed for the Kickstarter - I was still working on the book and I was anticipating pet/minion special abilities being a separate category. But in the end they worked better following the categories of the other abilities (speed, combat, passive etc.).

    As for the ability cards they were a Kickstarter stretch goal, so there are currently no similar sets for the earlier books. For now, at least!

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