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Topic: Great book but

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  • Re: Great book but

    yeah I had no problems with the other books at all. They played a lot smoother than the first. Still died plenty of times though!

  • Re: Great book but

    Sorry guys i'm DONE. All 4 books in the garbage. I tired and tired of rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling, so boring so so so boring... acn't even get out of the first act now... I'm done... terrible book, can't say about the others, but I have so little time to deal with such tedious rolling boredom when I have better books to read and games to play.

    I would not recommend this book to anyone. Go play diablo, or some other game. Just to much tedious rolling and such a boring system of combat, that there''s no excitement to my rolls..Bye

  • Re: Great book but

    Sorry to hear you had such a negative experience - and a shame that you won't get to experience the dramatic changes and improvements in the other books, but - of course - you should always play and read what you enjoy!

    Wish you all the best with your future adventures!

  • Re: Great book but

    Well I like to imagine the fights in my head like I would with any rpg. If you see it as just rolling dice I see its gonna be boring. The abilities are descriptive enough to imagine you firing off spells, dodging attacks, putting up a shield, drinking a potion..... Some of my best gaming moments came from book two with the legendary fights. Literally going down to the wire with 2 health and winning. Love it!

  • Re: Great book but

    Agreed thats the heart of all gaming is the gameplay. I love all the books and can't wait for the next one.

  • Re: Great book but

    I agree to, and I do imagine the fights, why wouldn't I play a book like this I didn't? What I'm saying is there is just to much rolling... to bad the system, got rid of the enemy's die, and have fewer rolls... ie. roling for initiate, twice, then damage, that's alot of rolling... I don't mind rolling, but the system isn't the greatest... infact I love rolling I play d100 and 4AD.. but I do find the rolling in D100 tedious too, 4AD is more streamlined... but ya, it's the rolling and rolling and rolling if it's like the last few quests, sometimes I have to do them 3 or 4 times... to tedious.

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