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Topic: Custom Death Penalty

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  • Custom Death Penalty

    Hello all, I am preparing for my first run of DQ (according to hints from many readers I will start with HoF). Now I like some kind of challenge and no penalty for losing battle does not sound right (I read some topics and removing one equipment seems harsh) - so here is long description of my idea:
    After losing the battle the character will apply 1) Permanent -X modifier to one of skill. No skill can go to zero.

    This way, there is no "sudden death" to character after one battle as in FF books, but if I play poorly I came to a moment when I am unable to progress.

    I am debating whether - if in case of gear upgrade will any skill with before applied penalty get below zero if I should reapply the skill penalty to other skill - seems right solution to me gameplay wise, or if I should let it be which seems better lore wise (if I am no longer good in magic and lose some magic wand, why should I lower my armour then

    Also i am debating if at the same time I should apply Hitpoints Penalty after defeat.

    Please could someone with experience with books comment if this approach means any sense. And if, how would you tweak the penalty values?

    -1 penalty to a skill and -1d6 penalty to health was my initial tip for a lost battle. Is it too mild or too harsh, what do you think?

    I came with this idea after playing campaign of Arkham Horror LCG, where if you are killed in one scenario your Health or sanity go -1. So you can play after defeat further, but with more lost scenarios your character gets weaker and weaker, and finally when scenario losses equals to characters initial health, then your character is removed from the game permanently.

    Thank you anyone.

    And cheers to Michael J. I bought all four books and just holding them is delight, cant wait to go through them.

  • Re: Custom Death Penalty

    Hi Yuris

    Welcome to the forums - and I'm so pleased you have taken the plunge into the DQ series. Obviously, others might chime in with their ideas - but I would advise not to take a big skill drop in speed, brawn, magic or armour as that could really cripple your character. Same with health. The game and combats have been balanced around you been at a certain 'level'.

    A death penalty system was introduced for 'story reasons' in Eye of Winter's Fury. You could take a look at the table/list on Entry 98 to see if any of those choices might appeal. Examples include losing an ability on a certain item or a penalty if your health drops below a certain threshold in combat.

    Note that in Book 3 there were opportunities to offset those penalties. Perhaps, if you introduce that system you might want to set a 'safe point' (such as defeating the end of Act Boss) to remove any current penalties on your character.

    Just a thought. Anyway, wish you luck with The Heart of Fire!

  • Re: Custom Death Penalty

    I don't want to spoil the story but something can happen in act 2 of HoF to make the game more difficult. I know because it happened to me and was more challenging because of my choices. I'd choose to play your first book as "normal" difficulty first. HoF is easier than LoS but has some tough fights if you not prepared.

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