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Topic: Love the battles!

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  • Love the battles!

    I want to commend you on an excellent book and a fantastic game system. Some of the fights are really epic and almost have their own narrative beyond that of the book. I applaud the effort that has gone into creating this.

    I have just finished the game and killed the last boss thanks to the luckiest of last strikes.... my lightning ability! The boss only had 2 health left lol

    A fantastic achievement. I have so many great memories from the battles that I have experienced: the stone giant, the angler fish (loved the indigestion ability!!!), the rune lord, count's ball, the centipede (is that a ref to the 80s arcade game?).... Can't wait to play again with a new hero!

  • Re: Love the battles!

    Yes the battles are awesome! And worryingly I have now invented a number of mad hand gestures to accompany the abilities I use - thrusts with loud shouts of "PIERCING" and various ducking movements for evade and sidestep. I am grateful that no one can see me or I would be probably committed!

  • Re: Love the battles!

    And I thought that was just me. Phew!

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