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Topic: DQ Book IV in stock

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  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    It's hard to say. The loot cards and the hardback are technically KS exclusives, so those who pledged for the KS and opted for those rewards will be entitled to them first - and I expect there will be limited print runs.

    However, perhaps there may be a few left over that Megara might sell on their website or allow me to have - we will have to wait and see what happens.

  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    I want that version bad now I seen the cover! Looks awesome!

  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    @ Sinett

    The hardback collector's edition of Raiders of Dune Sea is now available via the Megara Entertainment website:

  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    Just trying to decide which one to get. What exactly does the new fillers mean in the hardback version. If you could perhaps describe the differences in more detail that would be awesome thank you.

  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    No problem - the hardback version has:

    A different cover (obviously)
    The Kickstarter bonus quest printed inside (The Tomb of Garriot)
    (Dimensions will be the same as the paperback)

    For some reason, Mikael at Megara decided to change the filler illustrations from those in the paperback. These are simply the small incidental images that sometimes appear between entries (to help with layout). I haven't seen the ones he has gone with in the hardback.

    I should be getting my copy of the hardback in the next couple of days, so I will post pics on the DQ Facebook and Twitter pages, if they will help.

  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    Will the paperback version with maps inside be available through other retailers such as Amazon as well?

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