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Topic: DQ has landed!

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  • DQ has landed!

    I am finally in possession of my copy and wow, what can I say? The first thing that struck me was the size..... this is the size (and weight) of a brick! Flicking through teh pages just gave me the widest grin ever. 500+ pages of gaming joy. This has got to be the best value for money product out there.

    I could go on. The maps are ridiculously good, the sheer attention to every little detail. YOu should be applauded and given some award for this. I really can't imagine the time that would go into making and testing all this game.

    I can't wait now to get started. hero sheet and dice are ready for action

  • Re: DQ has landed!

    I got my email this afternoon so should get my book tomorrow. It feels like I have been waiting for this forever!! Gonna drown my sorrows with some CoD

  • Re: DQ has landed!

    I'm glad you got your copy exiled. Been a long time coming, eh? Also pleased with the positive feedback - I hope the book/game lives up to its promise! ;)

  • Re: DQ has landed!

    Mine arrived today (via eBay). Man alive - you dealt with my order very quickly. Thanks very much. Just read the rules, got my copies of the hero sheets copied and will start tomoz. Looking forward to it!

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