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Topic: Book Four news

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  • Re: Book Four news

    Any chance that the Megara Kickstarter for Book 4 would include levels or add-ons that would have Loot Cards for Books 1, 2 and 3 as well as 4?

  • Re: Book Four news

    It's a possibility, so don't rule it out ;)

  • Re: Book Four news

    This is great and exciting news !
    You can count me among the people who will back this project.

    One suggestion : I think people would appreciate book 4 to have the same dimensions as the last edition of previous books (well, I would ^^, for practical and continuity / cohesion reasons). I realise whatsoever that it might be a wee bit early to talk about that kind of details so soon.

  • Re: Book Four news

    I agree, that would be nice. Those kind of decisions may be out of my hands - but I'd certainly hope that Dominic Harman (who did the covers for the previous Gollancz versions) would be available to do the next cover and the design/logo etc. mimics the others.

  • Re: Book Four news

    Settlement area on the same level as Ryker's Island and possibly some faction specific locations too.

  • Re: Book Four news

    Oh yes, your wishes will be granted

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