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Topic: Book Four news

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  • Book Four news

    Check out the latest news update for some early Christmas cheer!

  • Re: Book Four news

    Hell yes! Now I'm really looking forward to next year.

  • Re: Book Four news

    Huzzah! This is promising news. Also glad to hear that you want to try to stay innovative. Don't try to do the same old, same old, as much as we would still enjoy it. Do what you want to do; it's worked great so far.

    I've discovered that some of the gamebooks from my youth have been preserved on the internet, as free-to-download PDFs. I found J.H. Brennan's Grailquest series and am on Book 2: The Den of Dragons. You open the adventure with Merlin giving you a map showing where you can go ... and it's nothing but section numbers. Did this by chance inspire you? It still remains a great way to keep a gamebook's story from getting too linear.

    Den of Dragons also has a map of Stonemarten Village, which is also made up of section numbers. You do the same thing in Heart of Fire with the village of Carvel. It reminds me how much I enjoy the varied settlements you provide for the hero to visit. I thought Ryker's Island was the best yet for being the biggest and having so much to do. I'd like to see you try a metropolis with its own numbered map, possibly taking up an entire Act. Maybe Valeron's capital?

  • Re: Book Four news

    My Christmas gift for 2017

  • Re: Book Four news

    I'd heard of the Grailquest books but never picked one up, so very interested (and curious) that they use a similar free roaming map system. There was me thinking I was being original and cool, but hey ho!

    Book Five, if I ever get far (and let's get Book Four going first!) will have a complete Act set in a city. As for Book Four, not sure yet, but I imagine there will be a town/settlement area on the same level as Ryker's Island and possibly some faction specific locations too.

    Think that might be optimistic. Doubt it will be available until early 2018, but hoping the kickstarter might run towards the end of next year - and between now and then, I'll be drip feeding loads of news and sneak peeks.

  • Re: Book Four news

    Awesome! I've got the fabled lands collectors edition by megara. Pricey but an amazingly stunning book! Love the idea of a destiny quest in the same style.

    BTW why are you waiting until july?

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