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Topic: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

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  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    Thanks for the tips! I like the sound of all of that. I think our stats now are 10 speed, 8 brawn and 4 armor. Should we be conserned with any of those? I think we took a hit to our speed and brawn but went up in armor by 2 to get some of those abilities.

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    I wouldn't bother with armour for a rogue but if the item has a good ability then that is okay. Play the rogue with fast speed and high brawn and a lot of passives, and nothing will come close to harming you.

    Rogues can also get more evade special abilities that help too. They let you avoid damage when you lose a round. Not that you will much LOL.

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    I'll have to double check the totals. I'd like to have that brawn up a point or 2 more.
    As of right now we have the following abilities:
    First cut
    Charm X2

    There might be more but I know those off the top of my head.

    Also has anyone watched that last session? Is it any better/worse than the few previously. I tried to cut out some of the "dead" space, added a title sequence and an end card. I have a much better camera incoming as well which will make the sound and video quality MUCH better. We should be able to start Act 3 with it or possibly before. I wish we could have started out with this set up. Those act 1 episodes are rough since I was just using mobile devices. If we had I think I would have a lot more repeat viewers. I REALLY want to make this a decent product. Hopefully we can keep going and by the time book 1 ends we'll have it perfected!

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    I thought the last episode was much better. The editing to make it tighter and run quicker was good. There was some sound syncing issues but didn't spoil the viewing.

    I've not seen you use retaliation or piercing that much in combat. I liked the tip about having the abilities on paper as a reminder and consulting them each round. Organise those into groups to help you remember.

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    Excellent. Thank you for the feedback. Yeah the sound syncing I noticed during post but I couldn't correct. I think it was a glitch with my broadcasting software, camera and studio mic. Once we get our new camera it should make the picture quality MUCH better and since it will all go through one device the sound shouldn't have that odd syncing glitch that it has occasionally.

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    This episode we take on some legendary monsters and prepare for our next big quest. Will an assassin and a fire elemental stand in our way? Find out and say it along with us:"ROLL THAT DAMAGE DIE!". Also I recorded this episode in higher resolution (1080p) and without the voice sync issue. Any feedback again is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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