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Topic: Character Sheet re-design

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  • Character Sheet re-design

    Hi, I recently acquired Book 3 and thought that I should finally get around to playing the books instead of just reading them. Problem was, the existing Hero Sheet is simply broken. While it is inspired by computer-based RPGs, the layout made battles extremely frustrating because I usually track the rounds in my head, and the dispersed information of each piece of equipment made things even more difficult. So I re-designed the character sheet to be basically more appropriate for pen-and-paper aficionados like moi.

    The above is printable on A4 paper, and is basic in format: 2 layouts using "universal symbols" (so to speak) and 1 in pure text.

    Personally my handwriting can be as small as 3pt font so I have more than enough space for noting down all equipment names and abilities.

  • Re: Character Sheet re-design

    That's a nice design. I'm sure other readers will find it very useful.

  • Re: Character Sheet re-design

    Thank you this is just what i needed!

  • Re: Character Sheet re-design

    Thanks for this

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