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Topic: Just arrived!

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  • Re: Just arrived!

    does this mean the game isn't balanced if you can die on the first combat? i think i might get frustrated if I have to keep starting over all the time

  • Re: Just arrived!

    No problem with balancing. So far I think it is perfectly balanced. If you die you don't go back to the start. Its like a computer game, like warcraft..... if you die you go back to where you were last and get to fight again. If you can't kill something, you look for something else to do until you get better gear.

    What i like about the game is that it is challenging. A combat can change based on just a couple of dice rolls. Personally I like that challenge. Better than steamrolling through it all.

  • Re: Just arrived!

    I agree, not a problem at all. You're not going back to the start every time.

    And I have to point out, this was the worst run of dice EVER!

    Well into act two now and loving it. Such an addictive book and really nicely written.

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