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Topic: Just arrived!

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  • Just arrived!

    The book looks amazing, with lovely colour plates for the maps. Great attention to detail, high production values and the extras in the collector's set are really worth having. I'm midway through act one, the gameplay is addictive - even if I did get killed in my very first combat by a puny scarecrow (shocking run of bad dice). Could have been worse, I could have been killed by a turnip. I know I'll be playing this one through to the end!

  • Re: Just arrived!

    ROFL! Actually, don't feel bad. I have died to that scarecrow a couple of times myself (it even got nerfed from 12 health to 10 LOL). you have to really roll badly though!!! Some of the early fights can be tough when you don't have any gear. Even when you have a big health advantage, if you roll low for you hero in four/five rounds then you can be in trouble.

    Good job you're immortal heh? ;P

  • Re: Just arrived!

    I think I killed that scarecrow in like 2 rounds

    The turnip quest cracked me up

  • Re: Just arrived!

    I did the scarlet in the woods quest first. it's a total loot fest, completing the scarecrow and turnip was a breeze afterwards.

    I died for the first time when I tried one of the boss monsters. I lasted about four rounds lol I think I'll try those later on.

  • Re: Just arrived!

    The legendary monsters in act2 are insane. I only managed to defeat 1/5 so far.

    I just completed the best quest ever: the count's ball. The writing and ideas are completely mad its like a movie script, the pacing is superb --keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    Hats off to the author! I can't put this down. Everytime I get a new reward and ability I have to play on....... and on.....

  • Re: Just arrived!

    I did get killed in my very first combat by a puny scarecrow

    And that was with my special DQ loaded dice? ;-) Or perhaps you were using the loaded ones for the scarecrow!

    I hope the dice have been landing better for you since...

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