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Topic: Google doc for Book 1 character tracking

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  • Google doc for Book 1 character tracking

    Hi all,

    Got part way through DQ Book 1 and was looking for a Google doc that I could use to keep track of my character instead of using pencil and paper. I was pretty surprised that no one had created one before so I decided to put one together in Google docs. I've included a simple little combat tracker as well which I hope to improve in the future.

    Love the book and wanted to share with the rest of the community: Google Doc

    Make a copy of it and track your own characters.

    There's info on the first tab about how to reach me in case there are issues. I'd love to update it for the next few books when I get there


  • Re: Google doc for Book 1 character tracking

    can this be coppeyd on to xl

  • Re: Google doc for Book 1 character tracking

    Unfortunately, I don't think so, but on the other hand, I haven't tried. There is some javascript coding I did to make the dice rolls and such so I don't think that it will transfer over to Excel.


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