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Topic: The Heart of Fire not in e-format?

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  • The Heart of Fire not in e-format?

    I am wondering why The Heart of Fire is not available for the nook but the other two book are?

  • Re: The Heart of Fire not in e-format?

    I'll be honest and say, I don't know. It should be available if Legion and Winter's Fury are also available on nook. Might be an issue with the distributor you normally use?

  • Re: The Heart of Fire not in e-format?

    I was searching through Barns and Noble’s web site and it only showed book 1 and book 3 available as an e-book. But then I just did a search through my nook app on my tablet and all 3 books are available in e-book format. This is a good thing! I should have searched my app first be for making this post. I just got the first book and it’s fantastic. I will be getting all 3 paper backs and in e-book formats. Just to let you know I first learned of these books through the you-tube channel “Watch it Played” last week. I hope “Watch it Played” spreads the word about these books so you get the go ahead for the fourth book.


  • Re: The Heart of Fire not in e-format?

    Thanks for the kind words Jeff, glad you liked the first book and a big thank you for your support. I feel so privileged to have been featured on 'Watch it Played' and great that it is bringing in new readers.

    Don't forget, I also have the bookmarks and loot cards available on ebay if you are interested:

  • Re: The Heart of Fire not in e-format?

    I also got brought in by the Watch
    It Played video. Very excited to dive into these books!

  • Re: The Heart of Fire not in e-format?

    are the book marks and cards linked to items in the book or does buying them instantl allow you to use them

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