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Topic: Question about Legion of Shadow Errata

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  • Question about Legion of Shadow Errata

    Hi there,
    I'm having trouble parsing the Legion of Shadow errata. In particular, it's hard to tell when a change is a replacement and when it's an addition.
    Moth-eaten blanket:
    Do I replace its +1 brawn, +1 magic with +1 speed, or is that an additional +1 speed?

    as opposed to:

    Mauler's Maw:
    Do I replace the +1 brawn with +1 speed, or is the +1 speed in addition?

    Or are they all replacements?

  • Re: Question about Legion of Shadow Errata

    Also, if it's replace every time, what about items like Rennie's Slicer, whose Ability isn't mentioned in the errata?

  • Re: Question about Legion of Shadow Errata

    The new stats that are mentioned replace the old. So, in the case of the Moth-eaten blanket, its old statistics are replaced with +1 speed.

    Unless mentioned in the patch notes, all abilities remain the same. So, Rennie's Slicer still has the first cut ability. The patch notes only mention abilities when they have been changed.

  • Re: Question about Legion of Shadow Errata

    Is it still possible to get hold of hardback editions of the first two books?

  • Re: Question about Legion of Shadow Errata

    I'm afraid you will struggle to get hold of a hardback of Legion of Shadow. There was only a limited print run and think all of those have been sold. You might get lucky by checking Amazon marketplace sellers.

    Sadly, there was no hardback version for The Heart of Fire.

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