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Topic: Amazon and other retailers

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  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    No 2 spot now Shame I missed the 'moment' heh. Need to get that no 1 back from the Virgo!

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Crumbs, I missed it too

    Screenshot or it didn't happen ;--)

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Just ordered mine from
    Michael, I look forward to supporting your current and future role-playing efforts! Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards


  • More signings please.

    I'm in London and I'd love for you to come here. My nearest Waterstones is Ilford and they already have a gaming community, so I think there'd be quite a crowd for you. If you are tired of touring, is it possible to get a signed copy and the dice/card dirst from you in any way ?
    Thanks. I'm looking forward to this. Found out from the Advert in GamesMaster by the way.

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Hey Ronan.

    For some reason I don't seem to be having much success with stores 'down south'. Perhaps they're just not interested in an 'unknown' northerner <sob>. Must confess, I've not tried the Ilford store - if they have a vibrant gaming community then perhaps I am in with a chance ;)

    At the moment I am selling collectors sets on ebay which come with a loot card and dice. Other than signing events, that is the only way to get a signed copy and goodies I'm afraid!

    Hope you like the book, wherever you secure your copy!

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