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Topic: Amazon and other retailers

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  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    I play assassin and have a lot of passive and combat damage

    You stuck with assassin blazzor?! Thought you would ditch for witchfinder. WF>assassin. Execute FTW!

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Why wouldn't i? I get 7 passive a round from poison mastery, disease and bleed i did have fire aura to give me 8!! [act 3 is awesome btw]

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    John Virgo just got pwned on Amazon!!! DestinyQuest top of the snooker charts at last.

    Back of the pocket!!!!

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    7pm on 12th Feb.... only 5 left in stock on Amazon!

    Way to go!

    Do we know how may copies Amazon had initially?

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    No 2 spot now Shame I missed the 'moment' heh. Need to get that no 1 back from the Virgo!

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Crumbs, I missed it too

    Screenshot or it didn't happen ;--)

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