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Topic: Career Ranking - LoS

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  • Career Ranking - LoS

    I’ve ranked the paths in order and then their respective careers. Let me know what you think and where you disagree.

    Warriors – The best path. The careers all have good points, you can have a fast speed and access some really great defensive abilities like overpower and deflect. And the extra basic health is always useful.
    1.   Inquisitor – Healing two health a round makes you very difficult to kill. Avenging Spirit is OK, nothing more. You do have to get pretty lucky/cheat in the Against All Odds quest to have this career as a choice though.
    2.   Cavalier – Really like shield spin and shield wall. Get Talanost’s Wall from Waldo and you’re looking good.
    3.   Gladiator – Sometimes disparaged, but avoiding damage with head butt is very useful. You normally can get the +2 brawn boost after two rounds by using speed abilities/modifiers.
    4.   Ranger/Shadow Ranger – Ranger characters always appeal to me and their abilities are OK, but arguably other warrior careers are stronger.
    5.   Berserker – I dislike Berserker for two reasons. One is you lose out on a talisman ability (and these are really good like trickster enabling you to win a round you would have lost). Second is the idea that you have to wait until you are nearly dead for Seeing Red and its speed bonus to kick in. Better to win more comfortably, surely?

    Rogues – The Rogue path works well. Combine high brawn and low armour with lots of abilities that let you avoid damage like deceive, trickster, vanish and evade. You could do well with any of the careers you move to after the (pretty weak) pickpocket.
    1.   Witchfinder – Execution is an amazing ability, especially against multiple opponents. Judgement is not bad either.
    2.   Swordmaster – Ability to equip two main hand swords means this is the only 17 speed potential rogue. Swiftstrikes is good as well. Very solid career.
    3.   Shadow Stalker – So not quite as good as swordmaster as shadow speed only works out as an extra 0.666 speed boost and shadow fury not as good as swift strikes.
    4.   Assassin – Very powerful venom (especially if you have the associated talisman) but some of the toughest adversaries are immune and then battles are more of a struggle. But still very decent.
    5.   Pickpocket – Not great, although patchwork pauper can set you up with some good abilities on your cloak and gloves for future careers. But no help in combat.

    Mages – Mage is, I think, the weakest path. Mages suffer from having to use their talisman spot for the talisman associated with their careers. They can have good speed, although have access to fewer abilities for avoiding damage than rogues.
    1.   Necromancer – Never been attracted to playing a Necromancer (seems pretty evil), but the automatic +2 damage boost to dice which can then be sacrificed to avoid taking damage seems a strong combination.
    2.   Icelock – Ice Shards is a slightly less good version of piercing and Ice Shield a small benefit.
    3.   Medic – 15 health extra is reasonable, but cauterise fairly limited in use
    4.   Alchemist – By not requiring a talisman the Alchemist does allow you to have an 18 speed character. Unfortunately the abilities are just good for generating cash and not any benefit in combat.
    5.   Pyromancer – This career is good for one thing – defeating Chillblain so you can become a Icelock. Seriously, Ignite is only worthwhile against multiple opponents and 1 damage from Burn is not enough. Embers makes it ok, but then you miss out on better Mage gloves.

    Will do the same for Heart of Fire shortly.

  • Re: Career Ranking - LoS

    Haven't played a Warrior in LoS (yet), so I can't comment on those.

    I've played a Shadow Stalker as a Rogue (previously a Pickpocket) and found it to be good enough for me to pass up the opportunity of becoming a Swordmaster. I used Patchwork Pauper often as a Pickpocket and ended up with some really nice gear before switching to Shadow Stalker (turned down the opportunity to become an Assassin due to lack of Venom and Dagger at the time). I also had the Gold Detector which was a great item to have in conjunction with the Pickpocket's gold boosting ability. Ended up with money coming out of my ears so I was soon able to afford more than one of Waldo's really good items. Anyway, I enjoyed the more consistent hits and the potential for extra damage that the Shadow Stalker offered, so I stuck with it (never had the opportunity to try Witchfinder as yet).

    Now - Mages. So far, my favourite (and most powerful) character in LoS has been a Mage. A Necromancer. In my opinion this is the strongest career of all the ones that I've played so far. He was dishing out insane amounts of damage! Particularly as I took 'The Betrayer' path and had 'Dark Claws' ability as well. the 'Shades' ability adds 2 damage to each damage die you roll. Not your overall damage score, but each damage die. So if I use 'Overload' (rolling 2 damage dice) I add +4. If I use 'Rake' or 'Backdraft' (I had 'Rake'), I get +6 damage. If I have a retaliation type ability, I can add 2 damage to that one die of retaliation damage... and so on. The damage really adds up when you have the right abilities and a high Magic score. Further to this, if things start to get difficult, I can use 'Sacrifice' to avoid taking a blow that might kill me (in addition to any other damage avoidance abilities - I had both Vanish and Banshee's Wail in addition to this at one point). Anyway, you can gather that I really loved the Necro! I'd played the Alchemist and the Pyromancer as well and whilst both were nice, I can see the argument for Mages being underpowered when I compare those to the other characters I've played. Never played a Medic or Icelock yet. (PS - the Alchemist's 'Good Taste' ability is useful in combat - but is pretty useless in Act 3 I think as I don't believe that you can get any Magic enhancing potions etc in that Act).

    So there you have it - all in all and based on my playthroughs so far, I'm putting the Necromancer at the very top of the tree, not just for Mages but for all three paths!

  • Re: Career Ranking - LoS

    I decided not to compare careers within different paths as the gear and abilities are too different.

    I do think Necromancer is a good mage career, although as I've said, I struggle to think of an heroic necromancer.

    Whilst your Necromancer deals a lot of damage, I am fairly sure he would lose against my cavalier as you would have to win six combat rounds (with a slightly slower speed) before he did any damage, and would be suffering from overpower etc whilst that happened:

  • Re: Career Ranking - LoS

    As I said, I have no experience of the Warrior path in LoS but looking at your Cavalier build I have to hold my hands up and admit that he is pretty powerful! If my Necro were to fight him he would definitely hold off using abilities until your Cavalier's defensive abilities were all used up (if you ever decided to use them of course!). It's a shame that 'Ensnare' is only a one-shot ability! In short, I wouldn't want to put any of the characters I've created so far up against him!

    On the plus side, I am now tempted to go for the Warrior path in my next playthrough of LoS myself and try the Cavalier career out.

    Edit: Tried out the Cavalier and completed LoS with him. Posted my hero here: I have to agree that the Cavalier is incredibly strong (nothing could hit me!). Having said this, there were some battles that I struggled with (particularly the final battle against Lorcan), whereas I didn't struggle much against anybody using my Necro. So I would still say that the Necro is the most powerful career I've yet played in LoS - although I would definitely concede that the Cavalier would be tougher to beat in 'Hero vs Hero' combat. Dishing out a ton of damage as the Necro is only good if it hits!

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