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Topic: Kindle edition?

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  • Re: Kindle edition?

    Sorry Bishop, only just spotted your question. It is sadly not something I have direct influence over, as my publishers are working with a third-party company to create the ebook versions. I've not received an update for about three weeks now. When I last saw it, it just wasn't of a high enough standard. I guess they are still working on it... ;)

    On a side note, there will be a fully interactive app version coming out later in the year. The way things are going, it might beat the regular ebook versions!

  • Re: Kindle edition?

    Will that be for the iPad as well? I seriously can't wait for an interactive version of DQ!Can you give us any more details? Will it include the bonus materials on your site?

  • Re: Kindle edition?

    interactive version = drool....

  • Re: Kindle edition?

    @ Darth Fluffy
    Yes, it will be for all I-devices/web-enabled devices. Obviously, we're still in the initial set-up/development phase, but it is all very exciting! I suspect that the bonus downloads will be available as a separate 'expansion pack', for those who want to bolt them into their existing game. Same goes for 'The Four Generals'.

    @ StarScream
    Drool! Tell me about it! I can't wait to get clicking and playing

  • Re: Kindle edition?

    Any updates on the ebook/App version of DQ? I know I would jump at the opportunity to get an interactive app through iTunes.

    Please let us know if/when this is still coming!


  • Re: Kindle edition?

    They'll definitely be coming your way at some point My next news story will have a rather humongous update concerning the future of DQ, including apps and ebooks - I just need the go ahead from my new publishers to share the good news. I'm hoping this week...

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