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Topic: Kindle edition?

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  • Re: Kindle edition?

    Any updates on the ebook/App version of DQ? I know I would jump at the opportunity to get an interactive app through iTunes.

    Please let us know if/when this is still coming!


  • Re: Kindle edition?

    They'll definitely be coming your way at some point My next news story will have a rather humongous update concerning the future of DQ, including apps and ebooks - I just need the go ahead from my new publishers to share the good news. I'm hoping this week...

  • Re: Kindle edition?

    Hello to everyone, as a huuuuge FF fan of yesteryear (I'm as old as a wizards scroll at 36) I stumbled accross this today and can't wait to get a copy. I digress, quick question, does the Kindle have the functionality to enhance the gamebook experience?

    Happy orc hunting


  • Re: Kindle edition?

    Welcome to the forum! Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book once you get stuck in.

    The Kindle version will essentially be a straight port of the book, although hopefully with hyperlinked entries to take you between pages. The app version will be fully interactive - with icon-driven combat, stat-keeping etc. Still early days so details are incredibly sketchy I'm afraid.

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