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Topic: Career sneak peeks

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  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    Good choice the were... I really like the careers of the third book... really good...

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    Second rogue career is now live - the bard. Enjoy!

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    Looks good. I'm surprised with the northern flavour of this book that it wasn't something like a "skald" instead, but I love any type of bard... especially when they dual class to dashing swordsman ;)

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    Yes, Skald was a consideration but based on the context of the character you learn the career from (who isn't technically from the "north"), the bard seemed to make more sense.

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    Meet the chilling new mage career - the ice-enchanted Valkryn:

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    Interesting. Almost like the Necromancer from DQ1. Or even the Necromancers and ... the banshees (?) from WoW. I think it's something else. The ghost women of the Vykrul from Wrath of the Lich King.

    In any case, should be fun.

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