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Topic: Career sneak peeks

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  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    The fourth career sneak peek has now gone live. Warriors, prepare to release your inner beast...

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    A berserkr werebeast! Cool!

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    Well, I know which character I'm going for first.

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    More fighters and more rare items in the new book

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    Not sure if you meant that as a question. In DQ3 there are four warrior, four rogue and four mage careers. That's one less for each path, compared to the other books. There are only two acts in DQ3 so more careers would have been a bit much!

    Yes, plenty of rare items in the book! Lots to collect. ;)

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    The wait is as torturous as deciding what to play. I was sure I was going to play Shaman first but now I've read about these were beasts.... sounds just too awesome. I don't know!

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