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Topic: Career sneak peeks

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  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    Thief class was in book 2 so expected a change of pace and abilities. Good to know we got some different stuff to look forward to. I like to play rogue. Then mage. Then warror. Lol

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    You're right that I have stayed clear of generic "thief" style classes (do love 'em though) but I do hope that I have brought a different flavour (and set of strategies) to the three paths this time around - including rogue. I think players/readers will be more surprised with what is in store. I guess I have to strive with each book to keep it feeling new and entertaining!

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    I can't wait for book three!!!!!! Please make it sooner!

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    I wish it was up to me, but sadly have no control over release date. If it makes you feel happy, have seen the awesome colour and B/W artwork... Oh yes, it will be worth the wait.

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    Will there be loot cards or any bookmarks with the new book?

  • Re: Career sneak peeks

    It's hard to say at this point. Obviously, I'd love to have some sort of promo set and possibly make it a bit easier to get hold of (selling through eBay for example). I'll certainly keep you updated nearer the time.

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