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Topic: 'Murica

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  • 'Murica

    I am an American Destiny Quester and incidentally am a student of language (I translate Korean by profession, but the interesting thing about language is that studying another language causes you to think more critically about your own). I have noticed in passage 864 and, I think, somewhere in the previous orange quest from act 3 of the first book, the phrase "blows out his cheeks." This is interesting to me because I assume it's a gesture that wouldn't but unfamiliar to me--but this description leaves me at a loss. I assume it's a phrase that is common in British English, but, y'know, we are two nations divided by a common language. What the hell is blowing out your cheeks?

  • Re: 'Murica

    Not sure of the origin of the saying - but this link might help with its description:

    Usually an exaggerated sigh - expelling air from lungs in exasperation etc.

  • Re: 'Murica

    I have another question: in passage 39 in The Heart of Fire, there is the sentence, "That is one rumour I have now put paid to." What does "put paid to" mean?

    EDIT: Well, on second thought, I figured I could just ask Google. I found an answer easily enough. I dunno, I guess I just posted here first because I am impressed that the author of these books that I am enjoying so much still finds the time to talk directly, through these forums, to his fans. I have nothing but respect for you, Mr. Ward.

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