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Topic: Oh @$*#

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  • Oh @$*#

    So just finished first chapter and was transferring my equipment etc to a fresh new stat sheet. As I was transferring my gloves I realized I had accidentally used ghoul claws as gloves, therefore cheating by giving myself a third weapon with powerful piercing ability. Also realized I had been using bleed effect even though I didn't have it anymore. Since I realized I had cheated to defeat the legendary monsters, boss, and end of black book and red quest, I will now have to start over. Oh well, good thing this book is fun enough that I won't mind.

  • Re: Oh @$*#

    I was wondering why those legendary boss battles seemed so easy lol.

  • Re: Oh @$*#

    I'll admit to that too. Once I found I mysteriously gained 4 Brawn and a stray Armor point from somewhere. Must have forgotten to update my sheet properly when swapping round items after a late night session! It was my third hero wasn't too bothered at all about trying to go back.

  • Re: Oh @$*#

    Every hero I play always seems to end up with an extra charm. dunno where they come from o-O Even more so in hof with the runes.

  • Re: Oh @$*#

    I go through my stuff and check abilities and stats before any major battles these days. When I first started playing I made a few mistakes transferring stuff from one sheet to another or forgetting to alter stats when changing items.

  • Re: Oh @$*#

    I did something similar. I used to add my brawn/magic score onto the rake ability, allowing me to win most fights in a few seconds. I must say though, without that bonus the rake ability is SUPER underpowered.

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