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Topic: Ready player one?

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  • Re: Ready player one?

    Still no notification so I assume I wasn't as quick as I hoped... Well, no problem, my copy of Heart of Fire is already in my hands, and as I've already said that's what really matters!

  • Re: Ready player one?

    No news. Waiting and enjoying The Heart of Fire...

  • Re: Ready player one?

    Sorry guys, must be frustrating. I was told winners would be notified early this week. It may be that there is a delay - or on this occasion you were unlucky! My instinct is that it's a delay, but might be wrong.

  • Re: Ready player one?

    No problem boss. Thanks for the info and for The Heart of Fire... Awesome...

  • Re: Ready player one?

    Gollancz is sending mails to the winners...

  • Re: Ready player one?

    I got my notification, I'm a winner!


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