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Topic: Ready player one?

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  • Ready player one?

    If you're after a free copy of The Heart of Fire and a set of loot cards, then head over to the Gollancz website for my 'Ready Player One' challenge.

    I'd hurry, first correct ten entries win...

  • Re: Ready player one?

    Just sent an email to get a free copy, although I should receive my "normal" (i.e.: paid ) one within a few hours. How knows, maybe I could be lucky this time too, just like with the DQ 1 bookmarks, couldn't I? Anyways, I can't wait to have Heart of Fire in my hands, whether I win or not I'll have it and this is what is really important.

  • Re: Ready player one?

    I´ve sent the answer yesterday... so weird for me because i didn´t even know the existence of the show... Amazon told me my copy of The Heart of Fire will land in Barcelona next tuesday. Can´t wait...

  • Re: Ready player one?

    I answered this morning... when will we find out if we were lucky or not?

    It's a good thing they got lots of UK TV shows in Australia when I was growing up!! When I got the answer I was like double checking to make sure I had used all the letters correctly, then I was like, of course it's correct... like any good cryptic clue you should know you are right because you get 2 clues.

  • Re: Ready player one?

    Although I wrote the competition, it is headed by Gollancz so the emails will have gone to them.

    I guess the winners may be notified very soon - and thank you to all of you who entered (I 'geek salute' you). I may run some extra competitions of my own too, so keep your eyes peeled if you were unlucky in this instance.

  • Re: Ready player one?

    Did anyone receive any news about winning the competition? Just to know, because there's been no official announce yet...

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