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Topic: The Heart of Fire errata

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  • Re: The Heart of Fire errata

    I know this isn't the place for spoilers but @ Grey Skull there are ways of getting rid of it. I found one in a quest. I'll give more info in the spoiler forum if you want.

  • Re: The Heart of Fire errata

    i do have a question though. i was fighting stone giants and was reduced to 1 health. the giants were on 4 health but i destroyed all the pillars so they had no amour, now i my last hit would kill them, but because of their lightning ability it would finish me off as-well. so i'm not sure if i won the combat or not as we both died. does their ability still affect me after their hp is reduced to 0 ?

  • Re: The Heart of Fire errata

    Hi Lord Rohan

    No biggie, but could you direct rules questions to the rules forum? Just keen to keep this thread focused solely on errata issues if possible.

    In your example, yes you would have been defeated as your last blow would have triggered their lightning ability. (It triggers each time your damage score/damage dice do damage.)

  • Re: The Heart of Fire errata

    section 573 - slipstream. It says if you roll a 3 or less, something happens, but if you roll a 3 or more, something else happens. I assumed it was meant to be 2 or less, 3 or more, otherwise it would be too annoying...

  • Re: The Heart of Fire errata

    Yes, definitely [2] or less - and [3] or more ;)

  • Re: The Heart of Fire errata

    261 has the same error as 174.

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