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Topic: The Heart of Fire errata

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  • The Heart of Fire errata

    I thought I would get these posted (as it’s release day!) and some people got their books early, and have already started playing through.

    There are a few gremlins, but not too many, much to my relief – which for a book as complex and big as The Heart of Fire is not a bad achievement for all concerned. Here goes:

    ACT 1

    Entry 37 (Raven's Rest)
    By talking to the roadside robbers, you should also record the keyword Raven.

    Entry 99 (Carvel)

    Perhaps we should change the mapseller’s name to Mendo the Muddled. He mentions the map costs 10 gold, but in the option text it has magically become 5 gold crowns. To the relief of adventurers everywhere, the map is indeed 5 gold crowns!

    Entry 174 and 261 (Behind the mask)
    The option text should read:

    If you have a high magic score and wish to learn the path of the mage, turn to 3. If you have a high brawn score and wish to learn the path of the warrior or the rogue, turn to 142.

    Entry 284 (Bullets over Blight Haven)

    This is an odd one, as I’ve still no idea how this got “magically” changed at the eleventh hour (I suspect sabotage!), but in the combat layout, your opponents are Headless and the Flaming Skull (not Shadow and the Flaming Skull). Who the ‘ell is Shadow? Still no clue. Anyway, no biggie, but the special abilities text refers to Headless, which I think most people would have worked out, is the peculiarly named Shadow. Weird.

    Entries 464, 469, 477, (The Toymaker’s Tower)

    When ending the Toymaker’s Tower, you should be given the keyword tower. This keyword simply stops you from meeting Polk again if you visit the bar (unlikely to occur on 99% of playthroughs, which is why this probably didn’t get spotted, but hey…)

    Entry 502 (The light and the dark)
    To return to the courtyard, turn to 260.

    ACT 2

    Entry 478 (Revenge of the Tigris)

    The decision text does not take into account that you can also have the keyword Prevail. No game-breaker, the story is still fine and the choice should still work but a more elegant solution is the following:

    If you have the keyword Wiccan on your hero sheet, turn to 665. Otherwise, turn to 740.

    Entry 573 (The temple of boom)

    The slipstream ability should read:
    * Slipstream: If you win a combat round, roll a die. On a result of [1] or [2] you are caught in the zephyr’s slipstream and are sucked inside its whirling coils. Instead of rolling for damage, your hero takes 4 damage instead, ignoring armour. If your result is [3] or higher, you may strike against your opponent as normal.

    ACT 3

    Entry 679 (Nephele)
    The blood-sworn gauntlets should have the ability resolve and not unstoppable


    Demon claws description should read:

    Demon claws (pa): For every double that you roll for attack speed (before or after a re-roll), your hero automatically inflicts 4 damage to their opponent. This ability ignores armour.

    And there you go – not too painful!

  • Re: The Heart of Fire errata

    174 tells you to go to 97. Glitch!?

  • Re: The Heart of Fire errata

    Hmm, now that one is annoying. Should be 142. I think I know how that one crept in last minute. Frustrating, but will add to the above.

  • Re: The Heart of Fire errata

    Lucky I chose a mage. I never noticed that one!

  • Re: The Heart of Fire errata

    I chose mage to, my brother was the one who found that.

  • Re: The Heart of Fire errata

    my copy of HOF arrived yesterday and can i just say that is absolutely amazing. i thought LOS was great but you'v taken it to a whole new level here. the complex depth to the quests with the codewords give so much more options. aswell as the great combat system..... thank you very much MJW

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