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Topic: No I don't have a problem.

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  • Re: No I don't have a problem.

    Hey Blokka!

    Alas, not as much as I'm sure you hoped. Sadly, I ran out of time on the changes, so couldn't make as many as I wanted. I concentrated mainly on Act 1 and early Act 2, improving that experience. In an ideal world I would have liked to address the end of Act 2 and Act 3.

    On a positive note, before the release of the next LoS, I'll make available the complete item lists for the book, so that players can plan their builds better and see where their next upgrade could come from. I'm also willing to make the data available for anyone who might want to pull it all together into a fan database/website; make it easier to plan builds.

    If you want warrior love, play HoF ;)

  • Re: No I don't have a problem.

    Have no fear. Absolutely loving Book Two. On my second hero!

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