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Topic: No I don't have a problem.

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  • No I don't have a problem.

    Realized today, that I should update my Amazon pre-order for the paperback since the hardback's not coming and I may have gone ahead and bought a paperback copy of LoS too. That'll make my third copy after the pre-Gol and hardback editions.

  • Re: No I don't have a problem.

    Heh, you can't have too many copies ;-)

    Oddly, from speaking to friends, Amazon doesn't seem to have actually notified anyone (as far as I know) that the hardback of HoF has been discontinued. I'm urging people to cancel and pre-order the paperback rather than wait for Amazon to notify them. They do seem to work in mysterious ways...

  • Re: No I don't have a problem.

    I haven't done that yet, Blue Kae, but I fear I will have to

  • Re: No I don't have a problem.

    Patch news now means I'll need to grab a copy of the new legion. Lets see. That brings my tally to four copies now! I might need to buy a new bookshelf too.

    Will the changes be added to the Kindle version currently out?

  • Re: No I don't have a problem.

    Yes, I believe they will at some point but not been told when. Presumably after the 11 April. The errata for Heart of Fire is also due to be added to the eBook versions in the very near future.

  • Re: No I don't have a problem.

    This mean us warriors getting the loving we deserve at last?

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