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Topic: Deathometer

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  • Deathometer I found this on Demian's Gamebook website, it is a scoring method for Grailquest that ranksyour play by subtracting the tally of game overs from 1000 and assigning a ranking as a result, thought this'd be neat for Hardcore players, or as a self-imposed challenge in HoF when not taking on Legendary Monsters and finding Collectables, thoughts?

  • Re: Deathometer

    Could you die 1000 times in Grailquest? Not even destiny quest is that hard!

    I'd like to see something like this, a good idea especially if the rankings were linked to exclusive loot. But I suppose introduce any bonus system people would cheat anyways. It would certainly make me play better using a system like this if I knew there were rewards.

  • Re: Deathometer

    Interesting. Could work well in an app version.

  • Re: Deathometer

    my best was bout 5 deaths with mage when tryin the hardcore mode. lost first life in the warning against flesh golem:

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