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Topic: Pwning u noobs

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  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    Done it easy. Swamp giant went down with me 19 health and hadn't used my heal or a pot. Still alive......

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    Are you going to keep with alchemist or try for Vesuvius and the pyro career? An extra die on top of all potions is a cool bonus so alchemist might be a good bet to keep in to thelast act?

    Still alive. hehe reminds me of the barbarian dude in Abercrombies book who always says that when he drags him self up after another fight

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    not going good. had bad fight with the kalimari getting beatn up with ink bombs. wasted forest dew and 2 health potions to get past. Did not think i'd do raptors but martyr saved day when i would have took 13 damage. I like taht little ring!

    taken ebenezer spell book and channelers robe. still alive

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    Still alive?

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    naw, died on the warning against the flesh golem. its a fight i shoudda won but rolled bad and janna useless lol! i'm carrying on with mage tho until the end as i like the characeter.

    pleased with getting to act 3, not bad eh?

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    Not bad at all. I'm impressed that you got that far on one life. Tempted to try it myself after I finish up my current hero (ranger but that'll change i think in Act 3)

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