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Topic: New to Destiny Quest and having problems

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  • New to Destiny Quest and having problems

    I have always liked playing the Fighting Fantasy and Fabled Lands books, so when I saw this book and the reviews it was getting I had to pick it up. I think it's a great book and has lots of interesting and great features such as the paths, careers and quests on the map. It's reminds me of playing Diablo II, one of my favourite PC games .
    I'm having problems getting through it though with any character I seem to make. First character I tried was a Rogue with high speed, high brawn and little armour but found I just couldn't get past 'The Sunken City' Quest, as when I took damage I had little armour to soak it up and so died. I got tired of dying all the time so created a Warrior with lower speed but high brawn and Armour. This time I still died a lot of the time but basically from not being able to hit anything in the higher Act 2 quests and losing to piercing and passive abilities. I gor tired with that again so tried another rogue. I got further this time by going all out on speed and managed to become and Assasin and get into Act 3 where I found everything in the early quests seemed to be immune to bleed and venom, negating much of the damage I could inflict and causing me to die a lot from lack of armour.
    I've given up again at them moment after this battle caused me to die all the time -(my character 12s 11b 6a savagery,haste,bleed,vanish,rust, stun, dominate and charm x2) par 768 Necromancers 14s 12m 12a Skeletons 13s 12m 12a. It took me 8 rounds to kill the Necromancers so you can imagine how much health the skeletons had!. I only managed to get this far into act 3 by changing my career to a Shadowstalker and taking the Velocifero sword.
    I love the whole concept of Destiny Quest but starting to lose hope that I can find a character build that can get me through all 3 acts. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or give me some hints on how to make a better character. I'm going to try a mage as I like the idea of a pyromancer but don't know if this will get me through all 3 acts, here's hoping.

  • Re: New to Destiny Quest and having problems

    Hi Rindel

    Welcome to the forums. I'm sorry to hear that you are having a tough time of it, but I admire your persistence in running it again with no less than three heroes! I'm sure other players will pipe in with their strategies; always tricky to give the right advice when you aren't sitting over someone's shoulder and seeing the choices that they have made.

    Your first rogue sounds like they should have been fine. Rogues can get away with zero armour, providing they have speed that matches (or is higher) than their opponent's and they have a good combination of combat and speed abilities. Passives are always helpful, with any build. There are a few tough fights towards the end of Act 2. Did you remember to try using health pots, mushrooms and vanish potions? They are pricey, but if you are struggling to beat a foe, then they can really improve your survivability.

    Looking at your choice of abilities, other players will have different preferences and opinions I know, but perhaps swapping the charms for abilities that will do more consistent damage would have been better.

    Speed is really your key attribute, no matter what hero/career you have chosen to play. Yes, warriors can get away with a point or two lower than the other heroes due to higher health and abilities that can strike back at their opponents if they lose a round, but unless you want to make things extra difficult, always aim to grab an item that will boost this attribute. It sounds like you might have missed or passed on some items that would have boosted your speed. (You might also want to check out this thread)

    Waking the dead is one of the new quests in Act 3 that is worth trying straight after The Warning, to get equipped with some upgrades. You can also visit Waldo and spend some gold (if you have any left!) to try and boost your speed attribute or swap for a new ability.

    In Act 2, while it isn't crucial to do all the legendary monsters or the arena sub quest, some of those opponents have very nice rewards and upgrades. It might be that you missed out on a couple of items that would have given you that crucial speed boost or improved your brawn.

    I think, overall, the difficulty level of The Legion of Shadow is pitched at 'challenging' and that is something that is heavily addressed in its sequel, where the itemisation ensures that you should keep level (or ahead of) the mobs you are fighting at all times. Having said that, I've played LoS many, many times while playtesting, and completed it with most/all builds - it really comes down to getting that right mix of abilities. I found rogues in Act 3 could almost be untouchable in most fights!

    If in doubt, blame the dice ;)

  • Re: New to Destiny Quest and having problems

    I'm at the end of act 2 with my own rogue, assassin. Not had too many problems except for the gargoyles and giant in the sunken city. My stats are:

    speed 13, brawn 13, armour 3
    Abilities: charge, fire aura, piercing, evade, sideswipe, venom, leech, trickster, haste, sear, bleed.

    I am a firm believer in passive effects. If you lose a round then you keep damaging your foe. I have venom, bleed and fire aura for 5 a round. (sear for +1 each die). The only legendarys I did was the hydra and vesuvius and I managed to finish the arena mission for the dagger.

  • Re: New to Destiny Quest and having problems

    I'd say Da Boss nailed it. I've only run all the way through with a Warrior (high Armour/Brawn) so far. But I found that if I didn't keep my Speed up, I was running into problems. I started looking for items with more Speed, and ditching some Armour/Brawn as need be. It ended up working in the end.

    As for the Act 2 Legendary quests, do them. One of them had some items with Second skin, which allowed me to do one of the Act 3 Legendary ones with ease.

    The only part I disagree with a bit are the potions and such. If you are wanting to buy stuff from Waldo, you'll need to save. There is a limited amount of money, so if you buy too much you won't be able to get some of that great loot.

    Da Boss, thought for future books. Maybe a (absurdly annoying) way to make money. As I said, if you die too much and buy lots of potions, you won't have money for later. That way, if you wanted (or needed) money, you would have a way.

  • Re: New to Destiny Quest and having problems

    I hardly ever use potions. Waste of money. I agree with you Rithe, save up for the epic items in act 3

  • Re: New to Destiny Quest and having problems


    Assassins are one of the best classes in the book. Berserker might come close I suppose. A few enemies are immune to venom which makes for some tougher fights but thats a small price to pay for being able to do +3 passive damage and +4 with the assassin talisman in Act 3. Factor in bleed and thorns/barbs and you could be doing more than 6 damage a round.

    All classes should have piercing as an essential. Ignores armour. I also try and take anything that lowers an opponents speed dice or adds to mine. Haste, webbed, cats speed, curse.

    Rule of thumb. If an item has more speed take it. If it has more speed and brawn (or magic) then definitely take it. Armour is not that important if you have speed and can damage.

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