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Topic: Is Speed too important?

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  • Is Speed too important?

    Having replayed the book with a Mage I decided to focus on SPEED at the expense of all other items (my Rogue met somewhat of a dead-end having wasted a lot of SPEED items when he was trying to switch from a high MAGIC score to BRUTE.

    In Act 2 my speed is now 13 which allows me a competitive advantage against most foes (usually in the +1 to +3 range). I wondering whether Speed is a little too powerful, as it seems the first choice with any item selection is whether it gives me the same or higher speed advantage. An item has to be incredible for me to take it if it would reduce my skill. Once you get to a speed difference of 3 or more it seems the battle is all but decided.

    I was wondering whether that issue might be solved with changing the combat dice rolled – maybe to 3d6 or something. That way there would be a slightly higher element of luck involved and the Speed bonus would be proportionately less useful. Any thoughts?

  • Re: Is Speed too important?

    I agree with you lonewolf that once I started focusing on speed as my main sttribute I was able to make much easier progress in the game. Speed decides if you win combat so it is really a no brainer I think. I never found it overpowered, I always just stay 1 point ahead of the current level of monsters. I think the game could get boring if you had high speed to win everything but very low damage dealing abilities.

    I'm playing a warrior through now and I am finding that I need to be less reliant on speed because of the "payback" skills where it benefits me to lose rounds to do damage. It gets more interesting to play the game that way and play around with the full range of abilities.

  • Re: Is Speed too important?

    There is no getting away from the fact that speed is an incredibly important attribute. But, like all things, you want to balance it with your damage attribute (magic or brawn). Winning lots of combat rounds can feel 'overpowered', but against high armour opponents you will just be chipping away at their health if your other attributes are low. If that opponent also has passives in play, then sometimes you need to defeat opponents and take off their health as soon as possible.

    Silicon Spirit is correct - you should keep your speed the same as the mobs you are fighting or 1 or 2 above, unless you are a warrior - then the dynamics are different.

    Each to their own. DQ is designed for a lot of customisation.

  • Re: Is Speed too important?

    Yes I think you are right.

    Currently debating whether I take an item to give me +1 speed extra, but at the cost of 4 dmg. Not an easy decision. It makes me wish there was a "stash" so I could have a sideboard of items to try out!!

  • Re: Is Speed too important?

    Is it even possible to be a warrior and have 12 speed in act 2? I finish all quests on map , beat Vesuvius and yet - only 10 speed. (and Nasalem the gladiator and Dragon wiped the floor with me). minus 2 or 3 speed doens't seem big deal in first glance but when you realize than two dices have 36 possible combination for 11 sums even 1 or 2 point up change the chances drasticly.
    I take a look to items of all legendary monster - to my surprise no item is imroving anything (for warrior) more than i already have.

  • Re: Is Speed too important?

    I played warrior and weren't easy going. I think I did have better speed than that at the end of second map. Sunken City had some speed boost items if I remember like the cloak and some of the weapons. Then I used the potions & mushrroms to get through any tougher fights.

    Nas is hard for warrs because he ignores armour. id say the dragon and the other fire boss are the harder fights in the game but they are optional and epic so i suppose they meant to be!

    career might have an impact. Ranger much easier to play than gladiator!

    To Lonewolf - I would take the damage item if you are playing a mage.

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