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Topic: Heart of Fire careers

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  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Hey, I told you a month ago that I had a copy of DQ2 ;)

    That does make me think. It might be fun to write an unofficial fan quest that is related to this idea. Maybe an Act 1 difficulty one, but something that would be more fun than not. New career: Farmer, with above said skills. Can only be that career while on the quest. Could be played by any character from any book, the way I'm thinking of it. (portal to another realm, or something)

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    The Drake has now been added to the careers section

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Are there going to be any duplicate Careers? I'm thinking that you're going to run out of names at some point.

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    I don't intend (at this point) to have any duplicate careers but if it suits the narrative and makes sense to have a duplicate in later books then I won't rule it out.

    Fear not, I can be very inventive when it comes to careers/classes. You wait to 'till you see the next Heart of Fire one ;)

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Become entranced by the fatal charms of the venomous venommancer - the next rogue career from The Heart of Fire.

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Rogue? I would have expected a Mage Career with that name. In any case, looks like a fun one.

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