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Topic: Availability?

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  • Re: Availability?

    Wow, ordered from Book Depository on the 17th and it already arrived Stateside! Looking forward to exploring it.

  • Re: Availability?

    Nice! That means mine should be arriving any day now.

  • Re: Availability?

    My copy just arrived in California this morning. Got my Hero Sheet & Glossary printed out. Will start adventuring later this afternoon! Looking forward to it (and yeah, this is a pretty beefy book!)

  • Re: Availability?

    The sun is shining and my new copy of Legion of Shadow has arrived. All is good with the world.

    That's my weekend sorted for me now. Sun, dice, hero sheet and the new book It looks fantastic and I can't wait to give the new material a spin.

  • Re: Availability?

    My plan too. Looking forward to getting stuck into the new quest, then I reckon I might start over to try the pickpocket. I'm still undecided how powerful it will be in endgame.

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