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Topic: Availability?

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  • Re: Availability?

    There was some delay with the paperbacks according to the news story. I ordered the hardback from goldsborro so got to wait for the author to sign those next week. Biting nails in anticipation!

  • Re: Availability?

    Hi Vosos

    Currently, the book is only being published in the UK, so Amazon US will only have it available through marketplace sellers. I would advise using Book Depository, Amazon UK or Goldsboro for your order (links on my buy page).

    Hope that helps!

    Yes, there was concern that the paperback would be held up, but Amazon UK is now saying it is in stock.

  • Re: Availability?

    Are there going to be new loot cards with the new book?

  • Re: Availability?

    Just the four collectible bookmarks for this release. Each bookmark has a separate item of rare loot for the game.

  • Re: Availability?

    Wow, ordered from Book Depository on the 17th and it already arrived Stateside! Looking forward to exploring it.

  • Re: Availability?

    Nice! That means mine should be arriving any day now.

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