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Topic: DestinyQuest competition

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  • Re: DestinyQuest competition

    Glad I was able to justify it.

    Now, what does that say about your fans if so many are all following the Path of Shadow ;)

  • Re: DestinyQuest competition

    I went path of light. I was torn but Beacon looks promising for my mage and always on the look out for an upgrade to my warrior gloves. Not sure what the Vampires Bite will offer in terms of abilities and stats. I am working off the assumption that there is one mage and one warrior/rogue item per selection?

  • Re: DestinyQuest competition

    Yes, two of the items are magic focused, the other two are brawn.

  • Re: DestinyQuest competition

    Still some bookmarks looking for good homes, if you want to pre-order the hardback or the paperback.

  • Re: DestinyQuest competition

    Will we have the ability to pre-order in the United States? I didn't see the new version on there. Do you know when it will be available?

    Mmmm, hard cover!!!!

  • Re: DestinyQuest competition

    I couldn't find the hardcover on there either. I'll double-check with my editor about its availability - although, for now, it would be through Amazon marketplace sellers anyway.

    You might want to check out my buy page for links to Book Depository, who have free worldwide shipping.

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