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Topic: DestinyQuest competition

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  • DestinyQuest competition

    The first official DestinyQuest competition has now gone live. There are four collectible bookmarks up for grabs - and trust me, I've seen them and they look fantastic, so they're well worth the effort!

    So, head over to the news page and 'decide your destiny' and some rare loot could be yours! Rejoice!

  • Re: DestinyQuest competition

    Cool! Can we get the stats and abilities for the items? Pretty please?

  • Re: DestinyQuest competition

    Grr... I'm having trouble justifying doing a preorder atm. Sigh. Times like this where I wish I was a poor college student who didn't know any better

  • Re: DestinyQuest competition

    Give you the stats? Now where is the fun in that ;-)

    Rest assured that all the items are powerful (while remaining balanced, he adds quickly). Book of the Dead has a new ability from the Special Edition. Beacon of Faith and Gallant Defenders both have two abilities each.

    You would not be disappointed.

  • Re: DestinyQuest competition

    @Tisamon - At least you tried. Guess we'll have to wait a little longer for those stats.

    @Da Boss - You know that we'll have to create a character with all the best equipment (when we know what it is) in the future, right? Muahaha!

    Actually, you've probably done that. How overpowered is this fabled character?

  • Re: DestinyQuest competition

    I'll leave the over-powered builds to the fans. They seem far more inventive with the potential combinations than I could ever be! Looking forward to seeing the builds for heroes post LoS special edition and HoF. (There are some killer combos I am discovering in HoF that I never factored initially but now I'm playtesting leave me thinking, wow... awesome destruction!)

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