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Topic: Android / iPhone App?

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  • Re: Android / iPhone App?

    I checked your other posts. Great work so far! I don't want to muddy the water there, so I'll respond here.

    The main difference in the solution that I'm proposing is that the abilities are abstract. So if you found an item (whatever the name), you'd click 'add item' and type the name, select the slot and abilities. That way you would not have to make an entry in the database for every single item ever published.

    A similar table needs to exist for opponents, and their special abilities. In this case it's probably also important to "pre-assemble" opponents, so that you can select the opponent name from a dropdown list instead of building every opponent from an abstract list of abilities and stats.

    On the other hand I don't know why building your loot provides satisfaction, it just does.


    I've found that there are a lot of conditions that pop-up, making it so that some abilities are only applicable as certain stages of combat. Some stack; some don't. Some are multi-use, some are single use, or always-on. This is the codification I was talking about earlier. Each of these corner-cases is essentially a 'business rule'. I can codify these rules into an engine so that the character just needs an indexed collection of IDs that correspond to abilities. If the character has a relevant ability at a each stage of combat, the player has the option to use that ability.

    So right now, I'm working out the logic for the engine.

  • Re: Android / iPhone App?

    Ah, you're looking at an actual combat engine, then. Yeah, mine was just going to be something to keep track of your stats and items easily. On my first play through, I kept worrying that I was miscalculating things.

    Good luck with that. If you want to use any of the data in my spreadsheet, go ahead. That's what I intended it for.

  • Re: Android / iPhone App?

    "On my first play through, I kept worrying that I was miscalculating things."

    Me too. Worse than that, I forget when and where to apply bonuses. I want a "robot" to tell me WHEN I can use my abilities.

  • Re: Android / iPhone App?

    "If you want to use any of the data in my spreadsheet, go ahead. That's what I intended it for."

    Thank you sir.

  • Re: Android / iPhone App?

    As for Adventure Cow. We haven't heard anything otherwise, so I'm betting they are still plugging away. Their system does look like Interactive Fiction, but you'd be surprised how similar Gamebooks and IF are.

  • Re: Android / iPhone App?

    I just found the demo site.

    They have a demo adventure.

    Combat is handled through a modal window. They've done a good job of handling the special abilities in combat.

    Funny, faster combat makes one realize how futile fighting is against some opponents.

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