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Topic: Android / iPhone App?

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  • Android / iPhone App?

    I'm using a dice app to run my combats. It makes things go a little faster. But I know for example, that I will almost always use charm to re-roll a lost speed check dice or damage dice where I rolled a 1.

    It would be nice to have a phone app where I could key-in the opponent, then roll attacks, and touch the dice for a context menu of options based on my character.

    Is a "combat tracker" on the way? If not, is there any issue with a fan-made tracker for the time being?

    While I'm testing the limits of copyright law, are there any plans for a fan "developer kit" for creating new adventures. A kit like this might have guidelines for creating balanced combats: A point-buy monster builder and tiers of special abilities. It might also include some interactive fiction tips and tricks, like how to present meaningful choices without choice bloat. Think of it like a writer's SDK.

    I come from the Neverwinter Nights and D&D 3.5 school of gaming, so when I get excited about a game, I want ways to extend and enrich my experience and the experience of others. It's also a great way to keep the community engaged while we wait for the next official offering.

    Anyway, just sayin'.

  • Re: Android / iPhone App?

    A DQcombat app would be cool! There is a full app of the first book supposed to be coming out soon that has full interactive combat. Think there was a news story about it.

    Ah here.

    Not a solution for paper players but I'll probably check it out. I like the idea of having random loot like in crpgs.

  • Re: Android / iPhone App?

    Thanks for the link.

    I wonder at what point Destiny Quest ceases to be a gamebook, and becomes a game?

    Very cool in any case.

  • Re: Android / iPhone App?

    I like the idea of the 'combat tracker' app, but I'm guessing that it will infringe copyright-wise with what is being produced for the Legion of Shadow app. I'd need to check on that.

    I don't have any plans at the present time to produce a 'developer kit', although I see the potential and it does put me in mind of something that I'd like to create further down the line, should the books become successful. We'll have to wait and see! Fingers crossed!

  • Re: Android / iPhone App?

    I did D&D through RPGA for years. -Even published a few adventures through RPGA (published with a little p).

    We had templates that helped with format and structure. We even had some basic patterns for encounters. A lot can be systematized, leaving a framework for creative writing. We also had great editors. The combination allowed us to produce high-quality (high-consistency) D&D adventures with semi-pro writers.

  • Re: Android / iPhone App?

    I'm pretty sure Da Boss said that Adventure Cow is developing the iPhone/Android app for DQ.

    I started working on a character tracker and combat manager for Android (for my own use at least), but I don't want to re-invent the wheel if an app is releasing in a few months.

    I have some questions...

    1. The app developer is Adventure Cow (, correct? They seem to emphasize interactive fiction, not app development. Why choose them as the developers instead of a company known for phone app development? The answer may be obvious, but I want to know if there is more to it than the interactive fiction connection.

    2. What is the extent of the app? Is it a 'helper' app with character management and combat tracking, or does it have all the book text included? That said, is the app specific to the new book, or is it generic-enough to to be used for all DQ books?

    3. This one is somewhat technical, but while I'm asking... Will the special abilities data be stored in an accessible format (like XML) so that new or custom abilities can be added?

    4. When can we expect the app to release, and how much will it cost?

    5. Are there any opportunities for a qualified individual to be a play-tester or contributor? Follow-up: Is there a way to speak to the Adventure Cow development team (like through a message board like this one)?

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