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Topic: Loot cards???

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  • Re: Loot cards???

    Good old, ever reliable Sky....not!!

    Hope you are up 'n' running soon. I know I would hate to be without Da Internet for even a few days, never mind the best part of a month!!

    Plus (selfishly), I'm desperate to get my hands on a full set of Loot cards and dice. Sounds awesome.

    Good luck!


  • Re: Loot cards???


    I'm glad your internet is back soon, I feel for you! Does it mean the cards will be up on october 18? I hope so and I don't want to miss out

  • Re: Loot cards???

    Yes, I'm hoping to get them up on the 18th, internet permitting ;)

  • Re: Loot cards???

    Sushhhhh, don't jinx it mate lol

  • Re: Loot cards???

    Are the dice and cards still going for sale tomorrow?

  • Re: Loot cards???

    Yes, if my service provider gets everything sorted (don't hold your breath) then I'll be back online tomorrow (four weeks without it - hell). Wonder if it will be activated one min after midnight or whether I have to wait till 'office hours'. I'll be checking anyway... ;)

    Update: apparently 'activation' can occur at anytime on the assigned day. Oh joy. Not good for someone with an obsessive personality...

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