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Topic: Loot cards???

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  • Loot cards???

    Did I read your twitter thread correctly? Your gonna be selling loot cards????? When, where, how? Just want Crown of Valour!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Compass would be cool too

  • Re: Loot cards???

    Sweeeet! How much and when are they going on sale? Id love to get my hands on a complete set

  • Re: Loot cards???

    Put me down for some of those!

  • Re: Loot cards???

    Loot cards will be going on sale at the end of September. Sorry about the delay as I know many people are eager to pick them up. Basically, I am moving house and won't have proper internet access to deal with transactions for two weeks (see my news story if you want to read more.)

    Short version - end of September there will be:

    20 full sets of loot cards with DQ limited edition dice

    29 full sets of loot cards

    I'll keep you all posted on the exact date/day once I know more (i.e. once I return to the land of happy internet, following the move...)

    Thanks for your patience ;)

  • Re: Loot cards???

    i will be keeping a eye for these
    mostly after the dice

  • Re: Loot cards???

    Excellent. Been after a full set of Loot's and some dice for ages.

    Will the "Full Set" of loot cards include the promo card(s) that were available aswell?

    Do you know if it will be an Ebay sale, or will you be selling them directly yourself?

    Thanks, and good luck with the move...

    ...If only you had created the following loot card...

    Gauntlets of Divine Protection
    (equip: both hands)
    +3 brawn, +2 speed, +3 protection
    Ability: Telekenesis (move ONE item per turn by thought alone)
    Equip this item after breakfast

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