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Topic: No longer available on Amazon US?

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  • No longer available on Amazon US?

    I had DQ on my (US) Amazon wish list for a few months, but recently it seems to become unavailable. Is this a temporary situation or will it become available again?


  • Re: No longer available on Amazon US?

    Hi drh - DestinyQuest has never been available directly through, you can only purchase it through their marketplace sellers. Just took a look and some nutter is selling it for $236! What did they do, plate the cover in gold?

    Not wanting to push my collector's edition, but I do dispatch same day on orders and happy to send to the States. Book Depository are also pretty good, although I think they have just run out of stock. Since the mention on Dice Tower, sales are starting to peak again

    The reprint of DestinyQuest: The Legion of Shadow (out next year) and the sequel should be more widely available. For now, regarding my self-published edition, it really is a case of 'hunt it down' where you can find it. There are links on my buy page

  • Re: No longer available on Amazon US?

    I would buy the collector's edition in an instant, if the shipping to the US weren't so expensive.

  • Re: No longer available on Amazon US?

    I bought my copy from book_depository for $18 incl. shipping, through amazon. Arrived before first date of estimated delivery, great service!

  • Re: No longer available on Amazon US?

    I just bought a copy on Amazon UK. $26 shipped. I'll eat the shipping for a gem like this.

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