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Topic: Choices, choices

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  • Choices, choices

    Quiet time for the forums so guess its time for a poll!

    so..... as we get nearer to the release of the book, what path are you going to choose for your frst hero?

    For me, I was lucky to be able to play test the book so i've played with all three. When I get the book for real i think my first play through will be warrior. I still want to nail a really good warrior build.

  • Re: Choices, choices

    easy one.

    rogue. rogue. rogue.

  • Re: Choices, choices

    Mage all the way. I always play a mage in rpgs. I'll probably go pyro for career (he looks EVIL) but depends on the other options. Medic is a bit... meh!

  • Re: Choices, choices

    Humm. I will most likely play warrior first because their careers seem more interesting to me. Second run will be rogue, if the game is good enough!

    I'm not a fan of mages and the careers so far don't interest me that much but there are three more (?) unrevealed ones so that might change.

    Rhiukan, how long does it take to play through the book, doing all the quests and legendery monsters etc?

  • Re: Choices, choices

    A single playthrough can take around 20-30 hours.

  • Re: Choices, choices

    er yeah, what he said :-P

    I never paid attention to how long it took. i was just interested in getting the epic loot!

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