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Topic: Patching the book

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  • Patching the book

    Ive seen it talked about there is another print of the book coming out. Does that mean that there will be any changes to the stats and quests? I get that dq is like a game, if you made changes would we get patch notes to tell us what got changed ? that would be cool

  • Re: Patching the book

    Better itemisation for warriors!
    It would be good to see more speed items in Act 2 and a greater choice of chest/boot/gloves in Act 3. They are a bit sucky at present.

  • Re: Patching the book

    A second print run of the book was done a few weeks ago. The only changes were to correct some typos and a small error with the 'gambling game'. No major changes in this version.

    But yes, if another edition/version of the book was to come out then I would look at making some very minor tweaks and these would be catalogued as 'patch notes' so readers are aware of the changes between versions.

  • Re: Patching the book

    nerf alchemists?

  • No support for tanks.

    Many people op for the fast aand high damaging types of heros. This is because of the fact speed is pretty much the main factor in battles. No one uses Tanks (high armour) because they can't get a hit in with the lack of speed. I think they should have some abilities that favour these sorts of builds. Just me? ")

  • Re: Patching the book

    ^^ Tank builds are viable with warriors. I know because I have one! You have to make sure you keep your speed to 14 minimum and then you won't have any problems. Warriors have a good range of tank abilities. Retaliation, overpower, avenging spirit, shield spin, shield wall, sideswipe, brutality, second skin to name but a few.

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