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Topic: DQ2 spoilers!

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  • Re: DQ2 spoilers!

    I'm liking the sound of book 2. But what I really want to hear about is the careers!!!

    By the way, do you get 'dead gods' in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay?!

  • Re: DQ2 spoilers!

    do you get 'dead gods' in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

    Technically no, Myrrth, I don't think so. I was paraphrasing a bit for effect - it was some ridiculously rare item that I don't think any player character should have been casually carrying round (Sigmar's Hammer or some other lore item). I don't think the group played the game that seriously. ;)

  • Re: DQ2 spoilers!

    I liking also do factions have their own quests?

  • Re: DQ2 spoilers!

    do factions have their own quests?

    Sort of ;)

  • Re: DQ2 spoilers!

    ----They’re sort of the James Bond of the fantasy world, with all their insane weapons and gadgets, finely honed for the single purpose of eradicating evil in ever more imaginative ways---

    Exactly. It makes you wonder how they managed to cock up the Van Helsing film as badly as they did.

    I for one am looking forward to the return of a certain witchfinder! No mention of Spink? Let's hope he has finally found the blueprints for a holy water cannon hehe.

  • Re: DQ2 spoilers!

    @ metal dog podcast
    I don't think I will try the drinking game or i'll need a stomach pump! ha ha

    I like the idea the second book will be much quicker to get paths and careers. That is a good move! I can't wait!
    Raids will also be v cool!

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